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“Raw, poetic, transformed, beautiful and utterly transfixing.” — THE MARITIME EDIT

Jason Ogden - Guitar and Vocals
Chris Braydon - Guitar
Adam Kierstead - Bass and Vocals
Clinton Charlton - Drums and Vocals
Ali Leonard - Violin and Vocals

With a sound borne from the salt air and desolate fog of their hometown of Saint John, Penny Blacks deliver whisper-in-your-ear intimacy, but with the churning raucous of restless guitar riffs and barroom cacophony not far behind. A band now comfortable and confident enough in their own skin to nod to some of their gritty, 70's forebears, Penny Blacks are undeniably still forging their own path; Their arrangements have been described as having "a relevant and inspired punch" by Secret East and "stunning" by Maverick UK. Songwriter Jason Ogden's reflective and seeking lyrics often spin a tale that leads the music into unexpected places, and the band follows wherever it takes them, throwing everything in their arsenal into the fire to keep the way lighted ahead. Penny Blacks' latest album, Long Lights, finds Penny Blacks descending deeper into the dark rabbit hole opened by Ogden on 2015's stark Moleskine Weather EP - except this time Ogden is not alone. Clinton Charlton, Ali Leonard, Chris Braydon and Adam Kierstead help Ogden navigate a world that appears to step farther back out of the light with every step he takes into it.

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